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Who We Are

Allen Poirson

CEO and Chairman of the Board, Sony Biotechnology Inc.

Allen Poirson, Ph.D., is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Sony Biotechnology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.  Sony Biotechnology is engaged in the sales, marketing, service, development, manufacturing and distribution of high-quality cell analysis research instruments and a full line of reagents.  In addition to his position at Sony Biotechnology, Dr. Poirson also holds the position of Senior Vice President, Business Development, Life Electronics at Sony Corporation of America (SCA) and Chairman of the Board of Micronics, another wholly-owned subsidiary of SCA that is a leading provider of next generation molecular diagnostic tests.

Prior to his current positions, Dr. Poirson was Vice President of Business Development at Sony Corporation of America.

Previous to Sony, Dr. Poirson’s background includes start-up, venture capital and operational experiences.  He has held research positions at Howard Hughes Medical Institute and NASA.  Dr. Poirson obtained his Ph.D. from Stanford University.