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Images of VCT-AM1 Adhesive Mount For Action Cam

Say goodbye to tape

Forget fixing your Action Cam to your bike helmet or snowboard with elaborate sticky tape arrangements. These adhesive mounts* stick firmly to your sports equipment. Pop Action Cam into its waterproof case, attach the adhesive mounts and get filming.

What’s your sport?

Wild about mountain biking? Maybe you’re a skateboarder or skydiver? Whatever your passion, these adhesive mounts* are curved or flat to suit a range of equipment: from helmets to windsurf boards. Action Cam just slides into its waterproof case and locks into place.

Ready for anything

The adhesive mounts* are waterproof and dustproof – use them with the Action Cam waterproof case and you can film in almost any conditions. Whether you’re sea kayaking or shooting rapids, waterskiing or cross-country skiing, fix them to your kit and let the adventure begin.

Sticks to anything

Choose a model for flat or curved surfaces – perfect for a board or helmet

Lock in your shots

Action Cam slides in and locks solid for a secure view

What's In the Box

Attachment Buckle (0.55 x 1.71 x 2.30 in), Flat Adhesive (0.49 x 1.97 x 2.30 in), Curved Adhesive (0.63 x 1.97 x 2.30 in)


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