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Soul-Shaking Clarity

Sony technology is transforming the way you listen, into sound that moves your soul. This is sound that brings you into the game, rocks your party with deep bass, and elevates notes into moments of rare beauty.

Hear all. Feel more.

From source to speaker, Sony unites technologies for the ultimate audio experience, making High-Resolution Audio the closest thing to live music. Click to learn more and see where to buy.

Sony Headphones


From athlete to audiophile, Sony has headphones for every lifestyle.

Sony Audio Components

Audio components

Superior amplifiers and players to enhance your home audio experience.

Sony Walkman Digital Music Players

Walkman digital music players

Today’s digital variations of the greatest name in portable music.

Experience true music

What is Soul-Shaking Clarity? World-class hardware heritage, music studio experience, and the digital fine-tuning that perfects it all. See our inspiring High-Resolution Audio lineup for more.