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Images of Remote Control Tripod
Images of Remote Control Tripod
Images of Remote Control Tripod
  • Get up close with zoompull yourself closer to your subject with the zoom lever on the remote, or use the slow zoom switch for a more measured close-up

  • Easily line up shots with grid linescheck vertical and horizontal alignment: press the grid line button on the remote to see a grid of four white lines

  • Pack it up and take it anywhereslim and compact tripod: slip it into the supplied case, and take it on a shoot with no worries

  • Strong and light aluminum designthis tripod is tough enough to go wherever you go: sling it over your shoulder and it won’t weigh you down

  • Quick and easy mounting with quick shoealways capture the moment perfectly: quickly attach your Handycam® for a steady shot, and then easily release once you’re done

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