Dark magic at work inside Pottermore at PlayStation®Home

You can now own your own Dark Wizard's Mansion inside Pottermore at PlayStation®Home. Who knows what Dark magic has been performed within these walls? This centuries-old stately home is the perfect residence for the aspiring Dark witch or wizard.

Death Eater robes are also now available. Conceal your identity and inspire fear in a mask and hooded robes as worn by Lord Voldemort's followers.

If the Dark side of magic does not appeal to you, you can still enjoy all the spaces inside Pottermore at PlayStation®Home, including Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Express and various locations in Hogwarts castle.

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Step inside new locations in Pottermore at PlayStation®Home
PlayStation® 3 console

What You'll Need to Get Started

In order to enjoy Pottermore at PlayStation®Home, connect a PlayStation 3 to the internet, download PlayStation®Home (for free) and then step inside Pottermore at PlayStation®Home. For the complete experience, you can link your PSN ID with your Pottermore.com account to access additional interactive content and spaces.

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