2016 Best Workout Songs

Start the New Year right with the best fitness music for every exercise

The New Year offers an opportunity to start fresh and get back on track with your goals — especially when it comes to health, fitness, and working out. According to a report by Nielsen, 69 percent of last year's New Year's resolutions were related to staying fit, exercising, and losing weight.

However, maintaining your 2016 fitness resolutions can be challenging, especially when your workouts become monotonous and routine. One quick fix to change things up and revamp your fitness regimen is to update your workout playlist with new music. Studies have proven that music can not only increase your heart rate, but also enhance your workout performance and mood while exercising.

With those natural benefits, who needs energy drinks? Next time you go to the gym, check out the following best workout songs in 2016 tailored to your favorite exercises, and experience the difference for yourself.

Kickboxing Workout Song

"Ain't Been Done"

Artist: Jessie J

Spin Class Workout Song


Artist: Ella Henderson

Dancing Workout Song

"Take Back the Night"

Artist: Justin Timberlake

Running Music


Artist: Sara Bareilles

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High Intensity Interval Training Music

"One Last Time"

Artist: Ariana Grande

Yoga Workout Song

"Unkiss Me"

Artist: Maroon 5

Pilates Workout Song

"Love Someone"

Artist: Jason Mraz

Cool Down Stretch Music

"Coming Home"

Artist: Leon Bridges

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Of course, there are tons of other exercises and workouts you can amplify with the right fitness music playlist. Whether it's walking on an incline, interval running, lifting or rowing, music can provide that extra boost you need to finish strong.

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