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32 to 37 in (81 to 94 cm) TVs

Good things come in small packages with Sony’s 32 to 37 in (81 to 94 cm) TVs. Perfect for tight spaces, they offer stunning sound, rich color and the power of Full HD in a compact size.

HD comes to the small screen 

Don't sacrifice picture quality with a compact television. Our 32-in/81 cm (diag.) smart TVs offer Full HD and HD Ready displays, along with the crisp, clean sound of ClearAudio+ and other exciting features. Best of all, finding movies, programs and web content is quick and easy with the One-Flick Entertainment remote.

Action movie on Sony 32 in (81 cm) LED TV
Sony 32 in (81 cm) TV

Small size, big features 

Bring the entertainment to your kitchen, dorm or studio apartment with our 32 in (81 cm) LED TVs. You’ll enjoy a Full HD or HD Ready display, amazing sound and exciting features like Social Viewing and Live Football Mode, all at a price you can afford. Even games take on new intensity, pulling you into the action like never before.

Bright and Clear

White LED lights behind the displays of our 32 in (81 cm) TVs deliver light to every corner of the screen, creating striking contrast. Images look more lifelike, and even subtle details emerge from the shadows. Clear Resolution Enhancer diminishes noise for a sharp, clear picture with improved depth perception.

Bright and clear picture on Sony 32 in (81 cm) smart TVs
Streaming feature on Sony's 32 in (81 cm) LED TVs

Take your TV online

Our 32 in (81 cm) smart TVs make it easy to connect with the web. Use Photo Share to swap pics with friends, watch FIFA videos with Live Football Mode, or explore content from your smartphone via Wi-Fi. Love Twitter? Enter a keyword related to whatever you’re watching, and Social Viewing will stream related tweets across your screen.

Get ready for reality 

From the evening news to the latest Blu-ray™ blockbuster, everything looks better with X-Reality Pro™. A powerful processor in our 32 in (81 cm) LED TVs, it reduces noise and refines every image down to the last pixel for the ultimate in picture quality. Even streaming video and photos from your smartphone are enhanced for greater detail.

Lifelike pictures on 32 in (81 cm) TV from Sony
Remote control for Sony 32 in (81 cm) smart TV

Just one flick

Taking charge is easy with the One Flick Entertainment remote for our 32 in (81 cm) TVs. Powered by BRAVIA’S intuitive interface, this powerful remote control makes it easy to scan through channels, photos, videos and web content. Know what you’re after? Use the Quick Start feature and pull up your favorite show or movie in seconds.