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BRAVIA 40 in (102 cm) TVs

Don’t underestimate the power of our 40 in (102 cm) TVs. Their convenient size is backed by superior picture quality, lifelike sound and more, for an amazing viewing experience.

Small screen, big excitement

Our best 40 in (102 cm) TVs have everything you expect of a high-quality television. The LED screen is bright and clear, audio is smooth and deep, and the sleek design adds to any space. You can even sync up with your smartphone for easy streaming.

Sharp images on Sony's best 40 in (102 cm) TV
Sony 40 in (102 cm) smart TV

Everything you want in a TV

Whether you’re just starting to build a home entertainment center or need to brighten up a small space, our 40 in (102 cm) smart TVs are just the thing. You’ll enjoy vibrant picture quality, easy connectivity with your smartphone, and timeless design to complement your décor.

Entertainment is illuminated

Everything is bright, bold and beautiful with our 40 in (102 cm) LED TVs. White lights behind the screen illuminate every pixel for intense contrast, pulling details out of the darkness for an enhanced viewing experience. Even the fastest action sequences unfold smoothly with Motionflow XR™.

Sony 40 in (102 cm) LED TVs with clear picture
Smartphone streaming with the best 40 in (102 cm) TV from Sony

Connect, share and mirror

Our 40 in (102 cm) smart TVs make it easy to connect with friends, family and the world. Stream content stored on your smart phone, or gather round to swap pics with Photo Share and discover new detail as your favorite shots fill the screen. With wired mirroring, you can charge your phone while sharing videos, too.

Clear as day

Pull things into focus with Clear Resolution Enhancer on our 40 in (102 cm) TVs. By reducing noise, it diminishes fuzziness for a clean, sharp picture with enhanced depth perception. Details and textures are refined, making everything you see on screen stunningly lifelike.

Lifelike images on Sony's 40 in (102 cm)smart TVs
Couple enjoying ClearAudio on 40 in (102 cm) smart TV from Sony

Sound comes alive

Sounds big and small take on new life with our 40 in (102 cm) TVs. The Bass Reflex Speaker produces rich lows and highs, which are fine-tuned by ClearPhase for optimal balance. Authenticity is restored by the S-Master Digital Amplifier, so everything is true to its original source.