5 Best Music Apps

Must-have mobile music apps for the ultimate music-listening experience

Purchasing groceries, adopting rescue puppies, analyzing sleep cycles—nowadays, there’s a mobile app for everything. So it should come as no surprise that there are also music apps on the market that have the capability of making our music listening experience better than ever before. 

Whether you want to figure out the name of that catchy song that’s playing or you want access to the latest concert films and documentaries, we’ve got all your bases covered in this list of fun music app options. Read on to learn more about five awesome must-have music apps you should download today!

1. SongPal

With the SongPal app, you can browse, play and listen to music from a Sony audio device remotely on your laptop, home theater system or wireless speaker. SongPal’s organized interface makes playing music a breeze, and the app itself is very user-friendly to those who don’t necessarily consider themselves tech-savvy. 

Simply connect to your audio device using Bluetooth® technology or Wi-Fi® for a music listening experience unlike any other. With SongPal, you can also control devices on multiple floors, and let the music follow you around the house with multi-room listening. Users can even control which song gets played in which room so they can enjoy their jams preparing dinner in the kitchen while playing classical or jazz music for their dinner guests as they're mingling in the living room. SongPal is available to download on Google Play™ for free, so you can get the fun started instantly!

2. Qobuz Music

Known as one of the best sounding music streaming services available, Qobuz Music is an essential app for all audiophiles. It’s newly redesigned and has many features that all music fans will love. For instance, the new addition of the Digital Booklet provides users with descriptions and music artist information, as well as a fresh interface for easy use. 

After downloading this music app, users receive daily recommendations and playlists from music specialists to stream or upload in High-Resolution Audio format onto their mobile devices. 

3. Qello Concerts

For those who prefer listening to concerts from the comfort of their own homes without having to deal with the hassle of long ticket lines and crowds, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Introducing Qello Concerts, a music app that has thousands of concert films and music documentaries available for viewing. Now you can listen to the shows you want, when you want and where you want. 

Browse through different music genres, set lists and artists to find the show you’re most interested in seeing and transport yourself to a live performance you’ll never forget. You can even watch videos on-the-go so you always have a mini concert at your fingertips.

4. NePlayer

NePlayer is a music app that offers audiophiles everything they’re looking for and more. With features like High-Resolution Music playback, a manageable library for audio sources and a simple saving solution using AirDrop, a music fan’s every need is taken care of. 

Users can also visually confirm whether the original audio source is High-Resolution Audio to guarantee the best sound quality and music listening experience every time. This music app offers a Preset Equalizer to easily change the sound quality as well as a Graphic Equalizer to modify the quality in greater detail. All of this and more can be achieved wirelessly by using the app’s optimized layout. When it comes to indulgence, NePlayer doesn’t miss a beat. 

5. SoundHound

Have you ever asked yourself the name of that catchy song that you hear playing at dinner, in a coffee shop or in a commercial? With SoundHound, users can press the main icon while a song is playing to identify songs they’re unfamiliar with and want to learn more about. This music app also provides the lyrics for you, so you can sing along to your new favorite songs. 

Once you’ve downloaded SoundHound, you can discover more about the artists and albums you already love while exploring new music. Not impressed yet? Well, SoundHound can even identify the songs you sing or hum!

With all of these feature-filled apps to choose from, even the biggest music novice can be transformed into a knowledgeable audiophile in no time. Pick and choose your favorite app or download all of them to start making your listening experience the best it can be!

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