Board Mount for Action Cam

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Images of Board Mount for Action Cam
Images of Board Mount for Action Cam


Secure, low-profile design suitable for surf

Be at the beating heart of the action with this subtle board mount for Action Cam. Suitable for surf, the VCT-BDM1's low-profile design is less bulky than other mounts. Includes a leash and buckle lock plug for extra stability and easy retrieval.

Easy to adjust shooting angle

With a tilt angle of up to 90 degrees, the VCT-BDM1 allows you to capture every high-octane moment from the perfect angle, so that your movies are just as thrilling as the real thing.


  • Compatible with: All models

  • Dimensions: Angle adjustment base: H 1 3/4" x W 2" x D 1 1/2" (44 x 50.5 x 38 mm) Adhesive Mount:

  • H 1/2" x D 2 7/8" (12.5 x 70 mm) Buckle lock plug: H 3/8 x W 1 7/16 x D 1 1/4" (9 x 36 x 31 mm)

  • Leash cord: H 11/32" x D 1 7/16" (8 mm x 36 mm)

  • Weight: Angle adjustment base: 1.3oz Adhesive Mount: 0.8oz Buckle lock plug: 0.1oz Leash cord: 0.2oz

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