Full Specifications and Features



Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
9.06 x 1.54 x 7.64 in (230 x 39 x 194 mm)
1 lb 13 oz (0.8 kg)

Playback Capability


Picture and Audio Features

Deep Color
24p True Cinema
DVD 24p Output
Coaxial, Optical
1 (rear)


Wi-Fi® Built in
Yes (2.4 GHz)


Screen Saver / Easy Set Up /PhotoTV HD
Child Lock
Parental Control
USB Keyboard (101 only) / Auto Standby
Yes (101 only)
Photo Slide Show with Music
Live Streaming / Subtitle / Recommendation


Input and Output Terminals
HDMI Output (1 rear), Coaxial Audio Output (1 rear), USB Input (1 front), Ethernet Connection (1 rear)


Power Consumption
11 W

Eco and energy saving

Power Consumption (Standby Mode)
0.25 W
Power Consumption (Networked Standby Mode) – Terminals
4.5 W
Standby Mode Activated
20 min (Ethernet)

What's In The Box

  • Remote control (RMT-VB100U)
  • Batteries (Type AAA x 2)
  • Customer Registration Card


Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Immerse yourself in Full HD 3D  

Watch 3D Blu-ray Disc™ movies in Full HD quality – just connect via HDMI to any 3D-capable HD TV. In addition to delivering greater realism and clarity from all your 3D Blu-ray Discs, this Blu-ray Disc player also upscales 2D video to simulated 3D for enhanced depth and improved on-screen image detail.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

TRILUMINOS™ brings colors alive

Discover true-to-life colors and tones. TRILUMINOS® color has a wider visible color spectrum to reveal more true-to-life tones and texture. Hard-to-reproduce vibrant reds, aqua blues, and emerald greens are displayed beautifully, so landscapes and seascapes look more vivid. Faces look better too, with more faithfully reproduced skin tones.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Smooth video streaming with Super Wi-Fi®

Enjoy smooth, fast browsing with super Wi-Fi. This Blu-ray Disc player features a unique Wi-Fi® module optimally positioned for maximum signal strength. A clever multi-antenna design also ensures a more reliable signal than conventional Wi-Fi, so you’ll experience smooth video streaming and responsive browsing from any place in your home.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Dolby® TrueHD for sound as the director intended

Enjoy peerless audio quality with Dolby TrueHD, which delivers lossless sound across movies and music. By reproducing sound identical to original studio masters, it offers unparalleled audio fidelity for Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and downloaded content.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

DTS-HD™ for studio master precision

Enjoy precise, detailed home audio. With DTS-HD Master Audio, you’ll enjoy the original, uncompressed soundtracks on your favorite Blu-ray Discs and streamed movies — just as the director intended. DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio also offers intensely detailed reproduction for musical performances, allowing every note to shine with near studio-like quality.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Connect to your home network with DLNA

Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is an industry-wide standard for sharing data over a home network. This makes it easier to stream and transfer your favorite music, films, and pictures between your DLNA-supported devices—including TVs, PCs, portable servers, and gaming consoles.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Enrich your viewing with the TV SideView app

Use your tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS) to control your Blu-ray Disc player, and learn more about what you’re watching—without disrupting your viewing experience. The SideView app also lets you instantly access content from devices on your local network or from the wide range of online services available on the player.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Screen mirroring to wirelessly show your smartphone screen on TV

Wirelessly mirror the screen of your mobile device on a large screen connected to your video device. Screen mirroring works with Xperia™ smartphones, tablets, and other devices compatible with Miracast™ technology. Multiply the joy with family and friends by watching videos together, browsing together, or selecting the next vacation destination on a map.

Find compatible devices

Graphic user interface is quick and intuitive 

Finding apps and features is quick and simple with a graphical user interface. Browse on your TV screen with easy-to-navigate panels; content is divided into featured apps on one side and your favorite apps on the other. Everything is neatly organized and quick to launch.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Super-quick start gets you watching instantly

Tired of waiting around for your entertainment? With Quick Start mode and Fast Loading, it takes less than a second to boot up your Blu-ray Disc player. Get to the action quicker with faster loading of even interactive Blu-ray Disc movies. If you’re not watching a Blu-ray Disc, you can launch Internet content even faster.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

USB plug and play

Bring your movies and photos to life. Just plug a USB drive into the front USB port to display pictures and watch videos through your TV.

Picture of 3D Blu-ray Disc™ Player with built-in Wi-Fi

Stream PlayStation® 3 games directly to your TV

PlayStation Now private pilot service is now available. Get your first glimpse of PlayStation™ Now, bringing streaming technology to the immersive world of PlayStation® gaming. Play selected PlayStation®3 games streamed directly to your Sony TV with no console required. Just pair a DualShock® 4 controller directly to your PlayStation Now enabled TV and you’re ready to go.