FE 50mm F1.8


Picture of FE 50mm F1.8
Images of FE 50mm F1.8
Images of FE 50mm F1.8

Small, light, bright: a great normal prime

A large-aperture 50 mm prime lens is a must-have for serious full-frame camera users, and this is an excellent, affordable choice. The optical design is state-of-the-art for high image quality, and the large F1.8 maximum aperture can produce gorgeous background bokeh. On APS-C format E-mount bodies it provides equally high quality with an equivalent focal length of about 75 mm.

FE 50 mm F1.8 compatibility

E-mount Full Frame cameras

E-mount Full Frame cameras

E-mount APS-C cameras

E-mount APS-C cameras

New software is now available. Improves focus drive speed in picture shooting mode.

Follow the link below for lens/body compatibility details.

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  • Lightweight & compact
  • High resolution
  • Beautiful bokeh
  • Great in low light
  • Reliable

Lens Configuration

Impressive optical performance for Sony cameras, precision engineered for versatility and reliability in a wide range of applications.

[1] Aspherical lens

MTF Chart

MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) describes how well a lens can reproduce fine details, measured as the degree of contrast achieved between finely spaced lines.

Contrast (%)

Distance from optical center of lens (mm)

Spatial frequency

[1] Max. aperture, [2] F8 aperture, [3] 10 line pairs / mm, [4] 30 line pairs / mm, [5] Radial values, [6] Tangential values

Specifications and Features
  • Compact, lightweight, easy to carry

  • F1.8 maximum aperture for low-light shots

  • 7-blade circular aperture for beautiful defocus effects

  • 75 mm (35 mm equivalent) focal length with APS-C sensor

Minimum Focus Distance
1.48 ft (0.45 m)
Maximum Magnification ratio (x)
0.14 x
Filter Diameter (mm)
49 mm
6.6 oz (186 g)

What's in the Box

Hood (ALC-SH146), Lens front cap (ALC-F49S), Lens rear cap (ALC-R1EM)

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