Full Specifications and Features



Size & Weight

Dimensions (W x H x D)
272 x 51 x 202
5.95 lb


Channel Configuration
High Pass Filter
50–300 Hz (Variable)
High-Pass Filter Slope
12 dB/oct
Low Pass Filter
50–300 Hz (Variable)
Low-Pass Filter Slope
12 dB/oct

Rated Output Power, RMS 20 - 20000 Hz

Max. Channel Configuration at 4 ohm (W) / THD (%)
70 W x 4 / 1.0%
Max. Channel Configuration at 2 ohm (W) / THD (%)
80 W x 4/1.0% (1 kHz)
Max. Channel Configuration at 4 ohm (W) / THD (%)
160 W x 2/ 1.0% (1 kHz)

Maximum Output Power (1 kHz)

Max. Channel Power Configuration at 4 ohm
150 W x 4
Max. Channel Configuration at 4 ohms BTL (Bridge-Tied Load)
350 W x 2
Max. Channel Power Configuration at 2 ohms
175 W x 4

General Features

Frequency Response
10-100 kHz
+0.5/-3 dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion at 1 kHz (%)


CEA Power output
70 W x 4
CEA SN Ratio
93 dBA
Load Capability (ohm)
2 ohm (Yes)
Power supply (Yes)
Subsonic High Pass Filter 
Bass Boost: Frequency (0 - 10 dB)
40 Hz, 0–10 dB
Speaker Level Input
Line In: Input Sensitivity
Gold Plated Connectors
Current drain (A) - rated output power at 4 ohm
33 A

What's In The Box

  • Warranty card
  • Instruction Manual


Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

High-Resolution Audio for uncompromising sound

Experience digital music to the fullest with High-Resolution Audio. By capturing music at a higher rate than CD, increasing both audio samples per second and the bitrate accuracy of each sample, High-Resolution Audio offers an uncompromised rendition of an artist's music. Savor every breath and subtle movement for a truly emotional experience.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

Ultra-wide frequency response for full-range sound

The XM-GS4's wideband frequency range—ranging from 10 Hz to 100 kHz—is designed for today's broad variety of music styles. The lower end of the frequency range offers more than enough latitude for even the deepest sub-bass notes. At the high-end, you'll be able to feel subtle sub-harmonies, giving your music more life and realism.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

4 channels create a versatile sound stage

With a 70 W x 4 RMS power output, this 4-channel stereo amplifier gives you a broader range of options as to how you set up your in-car sound. Using bi-amplification, you can separate bass frequencies from highs or ultra-highs, eliminating distortion that occurs when they play through the same channel. You can also independently adjust the volume of different frequencies to find the perfect balance for each song.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

Schottky-barrier diodes for smooth, stable sound

Conventional diodes have a voltage drop of between 0.6 and 1.7 V, whilst Schottky-barrier diodes tend to have a maximum drop of 0.45 V. This means that they can deliver faster switching and high-efficiency operation, so you'll enjoy consistently stable power without noise from internal interference.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

MOS FET transistor for efficient power delivery

The metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOS FET) is engineered to deliver a high output from a low-current input. This allows it to provide power to the amplifier's circuits quickly and efficiently, for more responsive operation.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

Dedicated control section for fine-tuned audio

The amplifier's control section, located just under the external cover, provides users with the ability to manually adjust aspects of their in-car sound — including resistance and the level of power flowing through each individual component. The XM-GS4's carefully selected components are highly reliable and noise-resistant, minimizing unwanted distortion. The twisted wire structures help to further cancel in-car noise, providing a cleaner overall sound.

Picture of 4 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier

Aluminum case absorbs external vibrations

The heavy duty, heat sink integrated aluminum body of this amplifier is designed to prevent external vibrations, for jitter-free sound that stays true to the source.