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Energy efficient products

Most Sony products consume electrical power during normal use, which may result in CO2 emissions. Sony has set a 30% reduction target in annual energy consumption across product categories by fiscal year 2015 compared to fiscal year 2008. Saving energy helps lower your energy bills, and helps to protect the environment and prevent climate change. In fiscal year 2013, annual energy consumption across product categories was 31% lower than that of 2008 on average, achieving the target ahead of time. Sony continues to promote incorporation of energy-saving technologies and features in a wide range of product categories. Sony is also a proud partner and active participant in the EPA Energy Star Television program. ENERGY STAR products are certified to meet and exceed current energy specifications.

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Responsible recycling

Sony's Take Back Recycling Program in the United States offers nationwide Responsible Recycling of Sony products and packaging. Through partnerships with certified recyclers, unwanted electronics can be disassembled into reusable materials and offset the need for future mining. Certification programs provide assurance that worker safety and protection of local communities are of highest priority during the recycling process.

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Commitment to Responsible Recycling

Sony Electronics has renewed its commitment for responsible recycling of electronics by participating in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Sustainable Material Management Electronics Challenge launched in 2012. Our partnership with the EPA and other stakeholders will help as we continue to strive for our “Road to Zero” goal of zero waste and zero environmental impact throughout the complete life cycle of all our products and related services.

Download Sony Electronics’ annual Responsible Recycling report to EPA.

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