The Guide to Your Next Gaming Adventures

Bring your gaming experience to the next level

Battles with space pirates, chases through asteroid fields and encounters with aliens are just some of the gaming adventures that players are experiencing in No Man’s Sky as they explore 18 quintillion planets. With breathtaking graphics and exciting gameplay, No Man’s Sky is setting the Internet abuzz with players from all over sharing glimpses of their galaxies. After years of pre-release hype, it seems critics and gamers agree that the wait was worth it. But No Man’s Sky is just the latest exciting release on the PS4. With gamers worldwide eagerly anticipating new gaming adventures like the long-awaited Final Fantasy XV, there’s never been a better time to plug in and join the fun.

According to games and entertainment company IGN, nearly 40 million players are using their Sony PS4 to enjoy the latest in video game technology, in addition to gaming on smartphones, PC and other consoles. In order to get the most gusto from your gaming adventures, it’s important to choose the right audio gadgets and the most cutting edge games. Consoles like the PS4 enable you to enjoy your gaming experience like never before, and paired with the correct audio gear, you’ll never want to press pause. 

In this guide to gaming, we’re taking your gaming adventures to the next level with the must-have game technology and some of the hottest titles to be released in 2016. You’ll be ready to discover every galaxy, final boss and hidden level after powering up with this gamer guide.

Getting Ready for Your Gaming Adventure

Now more than ever before, video games are relying on high-quality soundtracks to fully immerse players into their gaming adventures. Players want to hear the breath of their favorite character, the crunch of the gravel as their team marches forward and an original soundtrack that gets their adrenaline pumping. In fact, 83% of adult gamers listed sound as one of the most important video game console elements according to the Consumer Electronics Association Gaming Technology Study. Game developers are responding by producing breathtaking soundtracks that are standalone works of art. In fact, three of the top 20 albums from Classic FM’s Hall of Fame 2015 poll were video game soundtracks. 

Sound and Video Games

83% of adult video gamers listed sound as one of the most important video game console elements

The HT-NT5 Soundbar is a must-have audio gadget that will take your gaming adventures to the next level and allow you to enjoy those award-winning soundtracks from your favorite games. Enjoy the instrumentals of Final Fantasy XV like never before with the system’s three-dimensional sound fields that surround you in the music and magic of Eos. The sounds of all your favorite games will be upgraded to High-Resolution Audio. 

In fact, according to the user’s survey conducted in Japan, more than half of users connect their PlayStation to soundbars including the HT-NT5. That’s no surprise, given the game audio mode that Sony has been jointly developing with the Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation team. This game audio mode provides users with the immersive sound that game creators want players to experience. Especially vital when playing a first-person shooter game, gamers will feel a sense of connection to the game world by hearing realistic sounds such as the footsteps of an enemy approaching when using this game audio mode in combination with the HT-NT5. 

And with the HT-NT5, you’ll never worry about having enough space to connect all of your devices because this soundbar comes with three HDMI inputs for your Internet TV box, Blu-ray Disc™ player and game console of choice. Its low-profile design easily fits below your television or can be mounted on the wall, keeping the game room clean for what matters — a serious session of gaming. 

For even more volume and lifelike sound quality, add in a few wireless speakers to the audio mix. Simply set wireless speakers such as the h.ear go, SRS-ZR5 or SRS-ZR7 speakers behind your gaming chair and the HT-NT5 soundbar will detect the speakers via Wi-Fi® connection. Select the speakers as wireless connected devices in the display menu screen and you’re ready to play in full surround sound. The wireless setup is easy and the rewards of surround sound are unbeatable when you’re able to feel like you’re in the game battling dragons and discovering new planets first-hand.

Pair this soundbar and wireless portable speakers with your favorite PS4 titles, and you’re ready to level up your gaming adventures and take on the final boss in style.

Top Video Games of 2016

Ratchet & Clank

In this reimagined version of a previous PS2 release, the lovable duo of Ratchet & Clank invite players into the Solana Galaxy. The furry-eared Ratchet and his robotic friend Clank have charmed gamers in this space-age video game adventure released at the same time as the big screen adaption. The third-person, platform-shooter game is appropriate for gamers ages 10 and up and allows players to use futuristic gadgets, solve puzzles and save the day.

The developers have reinvigorated the series for a fresh new audience and created a game perfect for those who like their science fiction games with a fun, animated twist. So strap into a hover board and blast off on a great gaming adventure that will leave your eyes dazzled and amazed by the colorful, eye-catching animation.

No Man’s Sky

If you’ve dreamed of exploration, fantasized about creating your own universe or imagined what lies in faraway galaxies, the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky is a must play on your PS4. The first-person, open world survival game has been anxiously awaited by gamers since it was announced in 2013, and this year finally marks its release. From the comfort of your gaming room, you’ll explore an uncharted universe, encounter previously undiscovered species, collect vital goods for your survival and fight back against invaders. Rated T for teen, No Man’s Sky will help gamers discover their inner-adventurer. 

With impeccable graphics and a soaring game soundtrack, players will enjoy all that the galaxies of No Man’s Sky have to offer. Gameplay allows you to control how fast you wish to explore, what you’ll discover and where your adventure will take you. Players will be sure to escape from their life on Earth and spend hours upon hours in an uncharted universe.

Final Fantasy XV

Seasoned gamers are no strangers to the Final Fantasy franchise, and this month marks the long-awaited release of the latest chapter, Final Fantasy XV. The Final Fantasy science fiction and fantasy series was introduced in 1987 and has since gone on to become one of the most critically acclaimed and successful video game franchises of all time. The success of the series is owed to its realistic graphics, cinematic play and original orchestra soundtracks. From stirring string songs themed around characters to light and airy background music, each of the main games in the Final Fantasy series has an original soundtrack composed by Yoko Shimomura that sets the mood for the entirety of the game. Fans can also look forward to a cover of “Stand By Me” performed by Florence + The Machine that will serve as the theme song. 

Since being announced in 2006, it’s safe to say that Final Fantasy fans have been waiting a long time for this newest chapter in the series. Final Fantasy XV is the first of the series to focus on a darker, more foreboding atmosphere. The open world, role-playing game includes life-like attention to detail in its weather, clothing and vast environment that players will explore. The title will introduce the world of Eos, a planet modeled after current-day Earth. The game, available on the PS4 and rated T for teen, lets players choose a character and build the Final Fantasy life of their dreams.

Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest is one of the biggest video game franchises in Japan, and the creators are hopeful it will be met with the same excitement when Dragon Quest Builders debuts in the United States. Playable on the PS4, Dragon Quest Builders is an endearing sandbox action role-playing video game. Fans of the much-loved Minecraft will enjoy this title, which tasks players with rebuilding a land destroyed after an invasion of monsters.

The adorable graphics, tiny characters and bustling village life will keep players entertained for hours. Take on monsters, hunt for snacks to restore your health and build a dream village in the new installment to the very popular franchise. Players especially eager to enjoy this on their PS4 will want to purchase a Day One version; a special edition of the game which includes exclusive recipes for building. Described as a family-friendly gaming experience, this is one title in your collection that’s enjoyable for all members of the family, even mom and dad!

Play On for Your Best Gaming Adventure Yet

With the hottest 2016 video games added to your collection and lifelike surround sound provided by the HT-NT5 Soundbar, you’re ready to press the power button and settle in for a serious gaming adventure. Whether you’re playing online with friends or exploring the galaxy alone, you’re officially ready to play.

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