High-Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology


Picture of High-Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology
Images of High-Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology
Images of High-Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology
Images of High-Power Home Audio System with BLUETOOTH® technology

Get the party started

Turn up the music and get dancing with the SHAKE-33. This all-in-one Hi-Fi combines 2200W RMS of power and a unique Pressure Horn speaker design to deliver soul-shaking sound and bass lines that really rumble. Plus, LED speaker lights and DJ effects help you get the dance floor jumping.

2200W power output

2200W RMS power

Feel the music with a 2200W RMS power.

11.81 in driver unit

11.81 in driver unit

Get powerful sound from a 3-way speaker and a 11.81 in driver unit.

Double the pressure, double the bass

Sound Pressure Horn

Experience soul-shaking bass with Sony’s unique Sound Pressure Horn technology. A Back Loaded Horn design creates twice the pressure of a conventional subwoofer, increasing the sound by up to 6 decibels. The result is louder, cleaner bass that you can really feel.

Hear every high and low

Three-way speaker design

Combining an 11.81 in woofer, 3.94 in mid, and 0.98 in tweeter, the SHAKE-33’s 3-way speaker design gives you clear vocals, soaring highs and booming bass lines.

11.81 in driver unit

Built to raise the roof

Fill the room with explosive sound, thanks to a large 11.81 in driver unit and a powerful amplifier. An MRC subwoofer cone has a rigid design that keeps its shape even when the vibrations are strong, for clean, undistorted bass.

Dynamic design

Bold parties call for bold design. An angular design with brushed metal controls make the SHAKE-33 the ultimate party centerpiece. Buttons and features are illuminated and matched to the vibrant LED lights in the speakers.

Feel the music, see the color

A vivid, multi-colored light display from the LED speakers synchronizes with the beat of your music. With 10 color settings and 6 patterns, you can experiment with over 60 LED speaker effects to really boost the atmosphere.


Hear more in every track

The Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) upscales your compressed digital music files (MP3, ACC, ATRAC, and WMA). By restoring the high and low-range sound lost in the compression process, DSEE produces digital files in rich sound, closer to CD quality.

Set the sound

Boost the bass or create a stadium atmosphere from your sofa. Four sound modes optimize settings for different music and audio. Bass Bazuca and Music modes give your songs a lift, or hook up the SHAKE-33 to a TV and get immersive audio for football, games, and movies.

Bass Bazuca

Bass Bazuca

Fire up the Bass Bazuca to give your bass lines some added punch.

Sound modes

Sound modes

Choose from Football, Movie/Game, or Music mode in sound settings.

Listen loud and clear

Listen to music in brilliant clarity with ClearAudio+, a collection of Sony audio technologies that optimizes playback for all your music.

NFC and Bluetooth

Get connected in an instant

Play your favorite songs and playlists from your smartphone through the SHAKE-33. Simply use NFC One-touch to make a Bluetooth® connection and get streaming instantly.

Total control at your fingertips

Don't be tied to the DJ booth - simply download the Sony | Music Center (previously called SongPal) app and turn your smartphone into a remote control. Easily control and browse music, including songs on your USB, from the dance floor. You can also switch up LED speaker and DJ effects to put your own spin on the party.

Sony | Music Center app

Pump up the party

Really get the dance-floor jumping with party features. Get creative with four DJ effects: flanger, isolater, wah and pan. With Party Chain, you can hook up and sync multiple SHAKEs with audio cables for even bigger sound.

Plug in, play, transfer

Dual USB ports & a dustproof CD drive

Play your favorite MP3s, re-discover your old CDs, and compile playlists. Plus, you can easily copy and transfer songs from a CD to a USB, or from one USB to another without a PC.

Hear it first.


  • DSEE upscaling restores quality to compressed files

  • Great sounding music in one step with ClearAudio+

  • Easy Bluetooth® connectivity with NFC™ One-touch

  • Control the mini system directly from your smartphone through the Sony | Music Center app

  • LED light display and DJ effects boost ambiance

Power Output
2200 W
Input Terminals
Analog Audio Input (2), Analog Audio Output (1), Speaker Output (2), USB Port (2)
Main Unit Size (W x H x D)
505mm x 160mm x 350mm
Front Speaker Size (W x H x D)
16.14 in x 24.02 in x 14.80 in

What's in the Box

Antenna, Battery, Remote Control, Operating Instructions

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