What is KOOV?

KOOV is the all-in-one coding, robotics and design kit that combines digital coding with physical building to teach the next generation of innovators.

KOOV at school

KOOV Educator Kit 

A turnkey solution for STEAM in the classroom. Includes 50+ hour learning course, 55+ robot builds, classroom management software, and more. Supports up to 4 students at a time through collaborative learning.

KOOV at home

KOOV Trial Kit

The KOOV Trial Kit provides young learners with everything needed to start building robots from scratch at home or in the classroom. With 12 unique robot builds and a corresponding learning course, they can kick start their STEAM future.



Includes pre-designed robots in Robot Recipes or create unique designs in Free Production.



Add sensors, motors, LEDs, and more for almost limitless robotic combinations.



Make robots come alive with drag and drop coding using the KOOV app.

Why educators love KOOV

“Students work at their own pace… I like that there's a code provided, but then students can modify and manipulate.”

Kim Morris

San Ysidro High School

“The recipes do an amazing job at guiding students through the process from beginning to end.”

Alex Picazo

Rancho del Rey Middle School

“It’s an exciting hands-on experience. The looks on students’ faces were wonderful. They were very proud of their work.”

Gabriela Padilla

San Ysidro High School

KOOV Challenge USA

Sony Global Education hosts the KOOV Challenge annually for students who have studied using KOOV in Tokyo, Japan. 2020 will be the inaugural year of the KOOV Challenge USA Event. This will be an online contest. Contest closes May 29, 2020.

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