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Getting started

After opening your kit, just follow a few steps to start using KOOV.

Create an account
Create an account

Create an account and register your kits to get started.

Get the KOOV app
Get the KOOV app

Install the KOOV app on a compatible macOS, Windows, Chromebook, or iOS (iPad only) device.

Log in to KOOV
Log in to KOOV

Follow the on-screen instructions in the KOOV app.


User guide
User guide

Get familiar with the hardware and app. There is also an overview of the app's Learning Courses and Robot Recipes.

Classroom management setup guide
Classroom management setup guide 

KOOV Classroom Management Tool is a service for educators that offers a student account administration system for safe and reliable use of KOOV in the classroom. Here is a guide to set it up.

How to set up KOOV Classroom Management
Professional development

Get started with KOOV and become an expert of this tool and STEAM classroom applications with our live trainings. 

Sony online training
Sony online training

1-hour training walks teachers and administrators through how to get started creating fun and innovative STEAM curriculum with the KOOV Educator kit.

TechTerra online training
TechTerra online training

Teachers and administrators can kickstart teaching STEAM subjects with a live 1-hour session on KOOV competence, building comfort, or building curriculum connections. 

On-site training
On-site training

Teachers and Administrators can kickstart teaching STEAM subjects with a live 1-hour session. 

Teacher's guides
Educator Kit Learning Course Guide
Educator Kit Learning Course Guide

Overview of lessons available in KOOV app for Educator Kit.

Trial Kit Learning Course Guide
Trial Kit Learning Course Guide

Overview of lessons available in KOOV app for Trial Kit.

Parts 'n' bots
Parts 'n' bots

Listing of key parts needed to build each robot recipe.

Code 'n' bots
Code 'n' bots 

Listing of code that is used for each robot recipe.

Lesson plans

Explore and download lesson plans, and other activities to utilize with KOOV.

STEAM Lesson Plans
STEAM Lesson Plan - Basic

Focus on core STEAM concepts of design, robotics, and coding.

STEAM Lesson Plans - Advanced
STEAM Lesson Plans - Advanced

Advanced lesson plans that incorporate challenges based on real-world objects/scenarios.


Sony recently hosted STEAM Week to support remote learning across the US. STEAM week included a daily career pathway webinar for students with a Sony professional who has a job in science, technology, engineering, arts or math. In addition to the webinars, Sony provided a daily lesson plan/activity that students could work on at home. Please see below for webinar links and lessons/activities. 

KOOV Camps
KOOV Camps

The KOOV™ Camp Program is designed to be used in a variety of learning environments – whether it’s an existing robotics/STEAM/coding camp, or if you’re an educator looking to host your own camp program, this curriculum is perfect for you. It can help young learners get ahead,while generating incremental income for your school or program!

Camp Curriculum

This 5 day, 2-3 hours/day curriculum can be used with KOOV Educator Kits. We recommend 2-3 users per kit.

Virtual Camp Curriculum 

This 5 day, 2 hours per day curriculum is used in conjunction with the KOOV Trial Kit. Great for virtual summer camps or homeschooling.

Camp Add-On

This advanced camp curriculum add-on focuses on coding in the Free Production zone of the KOOV App.


Have questions, comments, or need more information? Contact us at KOOV@sony.com. For technical support, visit esupport.sony.com or call the number provided in the Quick Start Guide.

Frequently asked questions

Can children use KOOV on their own?

Yes. The KOOV app was developed so that children can learn while playing on their own, as it explains the way to build blocks and code in a concise and intuitive manner so that children ages 8 and up can learn while playing.

Can I enjoy KOOV even though I don't know how to code?

Yes. KOOV uses visual programming so that even beginners can quickly understand how to code. In the Learning Course, students learn how to build robots and how to code step-by-step, so that without previous experience they can learn while having fun. In Robot Recipes, we have pre-coded and pre-designed a wide range of run robots so that even beginners can instantly start enjoying KOOV.

In which countries is KOOV available?

The KOOV Educator Kit and KOOV Trial Kit are available only to residents of the USA.

Do I need anything to use KOOV?

You will need three 1.5-V AA/LR6 alkaline batteries, a Phillips screwdriver, and a compatible operating device to run the KOOV App.

How can I contact the KOOV team if I have any questions?

For technical questions, contact us at KOOVSupport@sony.com and KOOV@sony.com. To speak with someone directly, call 1-866-935-7669 Mon–Fri from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m PT. We're happy to answer any questions you may have.

What is STEAM and how does KOOV teach kids about STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Through KOOV's Learning Course, we provide children with over 30 or 50 hours of engaging STEAM content, working as an introduction for many kids to these exciting fields.

What operating systems is KOOV compatible with?

Windows: 7/8.1/10 64bit
Mac OS: 10.12 and above
iOS: iOS 10 and above, iPads made in 2013 or later
Chrome OS

How does KOOV connect with my computer?

Via Bluetooth on iPad or Mac, and direct USB with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices.

How long do KOOV robots last on batteries?

This really depends on the number of sensors and actuators that you use. The Alligator can work for several days without new batteries, while a robot with two DC motors running continuously can last for around 45 minutes.

Can KOOV be used offline?

Offline options are available.

Is the software free?

There are no additional charges for KOOV software or content. 

What roles do students have while using KOOV?

This can be fluid depending on each classroom, but we recommend having the following four (4) roles for the Educator Kit: Project Manager, an Architect/Builder, a Coder/Programmer, and a Quality Assurance Manager.

What age range is KOOV meant for?

Ages 8 and up, and for anyone looking to start their STEAM education journey.

Do I have to pay for any of the curriculum?

No, all the curriculum both within the App and on our website is free for all KOOV users.

Can I buy extra blocks or accessories?

No, blocks and motors can't be bought separately. Reach out to the KOOV Support team for lost or broken pieces.

 Can I create my own robot and code with KOOV?

Yes. The resource is called Free Production and is available in the KOOV App.

Where can I purchase KOOV?

You can buy online at https://direct.sony.com/koov-kits/ or from your technology reseller. 

How can I clean KOOV products?

Wipe with a soft cloth lightly. If the product gets very dirty, wipe with a soft cloth, slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution and wipe off with a dry cloth. Do not use alcohol or benzine. Remove the dust on the cloth before wiping to avoid scratching the product. 

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