A fun and engaging way to learn STEAM

Give young learners the tools to help develop 21st century skills in a creative and collaborative way.

Learning courses
Learning courses

Over 50 hours of in-depth, easy-to-follow educational content that teaches students how to build and code robots from scratch.

Robot recipes

Ranging from simple structures to complex animals and vehicles, pre-coded designs allow children to start building right away and quickly develop the skills to create their own original robots.

Free production zone

In this open sandbox, students can use what they've learned to craft original creations - whether they're just starting out or already well-versed in code.

Learning courses

 Teaches core concepts of coding, design, and robotics, not just how to put robots together. 50+ hours of content available. 

Introduction to Coding Robots
Introduction to designing robots

Introduction to coding sensors and motors while building from a specific design.

Lesson 1: Make a Police Car
Lesson 2: How to use the LED and the Buzzer
Lesson 3: How to use the DC Motor and IR Photoreflector
Lesson 4: How to use functions in your code

Become a KOOV Block Artist

Learn basic skills & techniques of building with KOOV blocks, sensors, motors and more.

Lesson 1: Getting used to KOOV blocks
Lesson 2: The 360 Connector and the center of gravity
Lesson 3: Strengthening boards
Lesson 4: Learn by watching and copying
Lesson 5: How to place and balance
Lesson 6: Objectives and originality
Difficulty: Level 1

Become a KOOV Block Artist
My First Robot Coding
My First Robot Coding

Start having fun with code and electronic parts by building robots.

Lesson 1: Start coding with KOOV
Lesson 2: Getting into electronics
Lesson 3: Combining buttons and the light sensor
Lesson 4: Detecting distance and expressing sound
Lesson 5: Round and round with the DC Motor
Lesson 6: Step in with the Servo Motor
Difficulty: Level 2

Learning Mechanisms of Robots

Dive deeper into the mechanisms behind robot movements and learn how to use new electronic parts.

Lesson 1: Climbing Koala – Learn about the mechanism behind the gears
Lesson 2: Race Car – Learn how to use the push switch
Lesson 3: Rabbit Rider – Learn how to use the accelerometer
Lesson 4: Walking Alpaca – Learn how to make it walk with a DC motor
Lesson 5: Walking Giraffe – Learn how to make it walk with a servo motor
Lesson 5: Balancing Meerkat – Learn how to help maintain balance of robots
Difficulty: Level 3

Learning Mechanisms of Robots
Brushing up Your Coding Skills
Brushing up Your Coding Skills

Think of the movements of a robot and come up with the code yourself.

Lesson 1: Dolphin Kicker – Code a robot dolphin to make it kick a block
Lesson 2: Singing Parakeet – Code a robot parakeet to make it chirp/sing
Lesson 3: Roulette – Code a roulette that will give you a hit or jackpot
Lesson 4: Propeller Plane – Code a robot propeller plane so it plays music as it moves
Lesson 5: Trombone Player – Code a robot bear so it plays the trombone
Lesson 6: Rhythmic Drum – Code a drum with glowing LEDs to perform for you
Difficulty: Level 3


“The learning courses helped build on their skills which is huge… any skillset can use KOOV. They can move though the learning courses at their own pace.”

Molly Kaminski
Morris Grade School, IL

Robot Recipes

The KOOV App includes 55+ Robot Recipes that students can construct at their own speed and help to inspire their own original creations. Most robot builds can be done in less than an hour.


55+ Robot Builds—Build a variety of pre-coded robots at different levels of difficulty.


Step-by-step instructions—Build even the most complex robots with the help of 3D guides to visualize designs from all angles and understand every connection.


Drag-and-drop coding—Learn the fundamentals of coding language with drag-and-drop, block-based coding.

Free production zone

Using skills developed in the Learning Course, kids can make, save, and share their own creations here.

Create original robots. KOOV users can challenge themselves by designing, building, and coding their own creations in Free Production.

Share with KOOVers around the world. As part of a global community of KOOV users, kids can safely share their creations, view robots made by others, and download code to remix ideas in their own way.


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