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Unlock the potential of your home with the Life Space UX products. Use your imagination and discover new ways to transform your living space.

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A wall, a room, a place you know, but a totally new experience. The Life Space UX products give you the power to change your environment, in any way you like.

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Explore the new experiences you can create with a little imagination and our products for Life Space UX. Find out more about the products below.

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector on table

Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector | LSPX-P1

The projector is capable of throwing a 22" to 80" image onto walls, tables, or any other adjacent surface. In spite of its 10cm cubic size, it's equipped with internal speakers and a battery, bringing a new audio-visual experience to your home.

Glass Sound Speaker on table

Glass Sound Speaker | LSPX-S1

Fill every corner of the room with crystal clear sound through tube-shaped organic glass that envelops the LED source. It showers the room with a warm glow that harmonizes beautifully with any interior. It's portable and wireless, so you can enjoy music from your smart phone and other devices in different rooms using BLUETOOTH®.

LED Bulb Speaker on bedside stool

LED Bulb Speaker | LSPX-102E26

This bulb-shaped speaker easily screws into a light bulb socket to enliven rooms with music and light. Engineered to be compact yet capable of channeling impressive sound toward you, it also makes it easy to enjoy music on your phone or other device, thanks to wireless connectivity.

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New Concept

It's all here

Introducing a new concept that uses AI-enabled content analysis and mapping to display a wide variety of music, movies, and books that engage your interest.

Transforming space through design

Our Life Space UX products are designed to unlock the potential hidden in everyday space. By simplifying the relationship between technology and interior design, we want to give people the freedom to create new experiences.