5 Music Landmarks in London

Best attractions for music fans to visit and explore London's music history

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London is the place you can touch moments in music history. The city is the birthplace for many of music’s greatest acts, propelling artists like The Beatles, The Kinks, Coldplay and Adele to music stardom. From a club that launched the careers of famous classic rockers like The Rolling Stones and The Who to a street that witnessed the otherworldly landing of legendary musical moniker Ziggy Stardust, many of music’s most iconic moments happened somewhere on the streets of London, which have become London’s music landmarks. Add these London music attractions to your sightseeing itinerary and it's likely you’ll leave the city singing a new tune about all the music history you’ve experienced.

Marquee Club

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This once popular West End music venue was where the careers of many famous rock stars first began. Before the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac and The Who would sell out stadiums and gain international acclaim, they performed for a packed crowd at this intimate bar and club.

Opening in 1958, the club moved to its well-known location on Wardour Street. That move brought about a storied history of rock and roll acts taking to the small stage. From the 1960s to its eventual closing in 1980, classic rock acts including Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Police and The Cure have all performed here. 

23 Heddon St

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There’s more to this small dead-end road than meets the eye. Along this street in central London, David Bowie unveiled his alter ego Ziggy Stardust, a rock star with connections to extraterrestrial life. Ziggy Stardust made his appearance on the cover of Bowie’s fifth studio album, “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spider from Mars,” posing against the backdrop of 23 Heddon Street.

A commemorative plaque marks where the rock star made his landing and fans have turned the area into a makeshift shrine filled with mementoes following his recent passing. As you walk along 23 Heddon Street, you’ll want to listen to the High-Audio Resolution version of the album that has touched so many, and find your own way to pay tribute to the musical legend. 

Abbey Road

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Fans of The Beatles may recognize this famous striped thoroughfare, located in the city of Westminster in London. In 1969, The Beatles released their eleventh and final studio album, “Abbey Road,” its namesake coming from a bustling London street. The musical connection of this popular lane continues with EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, located at the southeastern end of the nearly mile-long stretch of road.

Tourists flock to the destination to recreate their own version of the fab four making their way across the street, and you can too. Enliven your visit to Abbey Road with a portable music player like the NW-A20 Series High Resolution Walkman® and your favorite Beatles soundtrack. Make your way across, and let the music lead you toward Beatlemania. 

Honest Jon’s Records

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Since 1974, Honest Jon’s Records has been regarded as one of London’s most well-known independent record stores. The shop sells music on vinyl and CD in a number of genres, but specializes in reggae, jazz and soul. The business also runs a mail-order business through its online shop, and oversees the release of a series of compilations of early musical recordings from all over the world.

Pick up some vinyl record souvenirs for yourself, friends or family while in London, and enjoy the warmth and fun of turntable listening with the PS-HX500. You can also plug your player into a USB port on your computer to convert your favorite records into High-Resolution Audio files and carry the magic of London with you after the trip has ended.

100 Club

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For a trip back in time, head to the historic 100 Club, which is the oldest independent music venue in the world. Opening in the 1940s as a jazz club, the venue underwent a series of genre transitions, and in the process helped break ground for some of music’s most remarkable acts. Performers including BB King, The Sex Pistols, Mick Jagger and The Clash all took to the stage, helping to champion the venue to legendary status. Today the club continues to host internationally-known performers, including a series of intimate secret shows from the likes of Queen of the Stone Age and the Rolling Stones.

While you stand in line waiting for your favorite band to perform, listen to some of the great acts that have taken the stage in High Resolution Audio quality, including The Kinks and Kings of Leon. 

Discover the Next Music Landmark in London

As you explore these music attractions that have shaped London's music history, let the sounds of London’s past and present be your guide. Go where the music takes you, and with a playlist of historic English artists like The Clash, Queen or Blur streaming in High Resolution Audio through your h.ear in Wireless headphones, you may just uncover an iconic London music spot of your own. 

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