Xperia 10 Plus

More screen. More possibilities.

Introducing the 21:9 Experience with the Xperia 10 Plus’s 6.5", 21:9 Wide display. Use two apps at once for improved multi-tasking, watch movies in the cinema ratio they were filmed in, and capture your own with 21:9 movie recording. All in a slender design that fits your hand perfectly.


Xperia 10 Plus -6.5" 21:9 Wide Full HD+ display | Dual camera

Xperia 10 Plus
Picture of Xperia 10 Plus -6.5" 21:9 Wide Full HD+ display | Dual camera


21:9 Wide display 6.5" Full HD+
21:9 Wide display 6.5" Full HD+
21:9 movie recording
21:9 Movie recording with 12 MP + 8 MP dual camera and 2x optical zoom
High Resolution Audio
High-Resolution Audio with DSEE HX™ and LDAC2


Easy split-screen multi-tasking

Watch videos while you text or catch the latest news as you send emails. The Xperia 10 Plus’s 21:9 Wide display gives you the room to use two apps at the same time for improved Multi-tasking. Just tap the side of your phone and use Side sense to launch your two apps of choice in split screen.

See more with a longer screen

Enjoy less scrolling and easily browse more of the content you love with the Xperia 10 Plus’s 6.5" 21:9 Wide display. All in the detail of Full HD+.

Feel more immersed in every movie with 21:9

Go deeper into everything you watch with the Xperia® 10 Plus’s 21:9 Wide display. That’s the same aspect ratio your favorite movies are recorded in. Complemented by a wide screen with a borderless design, you can enjoy movies on your smartphone the way they were meant to be seen.

© 2016 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., LSC Film Corporation, Village Roadshow Films Global Inc. and Wanda Culture Holding Co. Limited. All Rights Reserved.


21:9 movie recording

Shoot your videos in the same aspect ratio used by film makers with 21:9 Movie recording. And enjoy them on the Xperia 10 Plus’s 21:9 Wide display.

Dual camera system with 2x optical zoom

With a 12 MP and 8 MP dual camera system, you can capture high quality photos and get creative with artistic Bokeh effect. The Xperia® 10 Plus also features a 2x optical zoom, which gets you close enough to catch all the detail.


Fits perfectly in your hand

The Xperia 10 Plus is designed to fit your hand comfortably. The 21:9 Wide display creates a sleek and slender form that’s easy to use.

Beauty meets durability with Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5

The Xperia® 10 Plus uses Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 for toughness and durability, while a sleek metallic finish complements its beautiful form.


Smartphone sound reimagined in High-Resolution Audio

Take every track closer to the original recording with High-Resolution Audio and DSEE HX. LDAC streaming makes everything sound great when you’re listening with or without a wired connection.

Hear every note loud and clear

Smart Amplifier technology gives richer, louder sound with enhanced bass, so that you can get the most from your favorite music anywhere.


Longer lasting battery

With a high 3,000 mAh capacity, the Xperia® 10 Plus’s battery gives you power you can rely on. Plus, Smart Stamina predicts how long your power will last and adapts your energy usage to keep you going for longer.

Helping your battery live for longer

Our charging technologies keep your battery healthy for longer. Battery Care keeps your phone from overcharging, while Xperia® Adaptive Charging monitors your phone as it charges, to make sure the battery isn’t overworked.


Fast performance with a powerful processor

From browsing and gaming to fast multi-tasking, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™636 Mobile Platform handles all your apps, movies, games, and more with ease.

512 GB microSD™ slot
Expand your memory

Boost your phone’s storage by up to 512 GB with a microSD™ slot.

Dual sim
Never miss a call with dual sims

Handle work and play from one phone with two SIM card slots.

Get to know the Xperia 10 Plus

The Xperia 10 Plus features a 6.5”, 21:9 Wide display—perfect for multi-tasking—a 21:9 Movie recording from a dual camera system with 2x optical zoom and a slender design that fits perfectly in your hand.


A split screen made for multi-tasking

The 6.5" 21:9 Wide screen gives you room to use two apps at the same time. Write emails while watching your favorite TV shows, or chat with friends as you browse the latest articles. With Side sense and app launcher trigger split screen quickly and easily.

Access your favorite apps easily with Side sense

Side sense quickly shows your favorite apps, so you don’t have to scroll for them. Just double tap on either side of your Xperia 10 Plus and it predicts and displays apps based on AI in Xperia®.

21:9 Wide display

The Xperia 10 Plus’s Wide display uses the same 21:9 aspect ratio that movies are filmed in. Most smartphone displays can’t handle this size, showing black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. But with the Xperia 10 Plus, you get edge-to-edge entertainment.

Stream 21:9 movies

With your 21:9 Wide display, you can enjoy compatible content from Netflix on your smartphone in the cinema-style aspect ratio they were meant to be watched in.

Netflix Streaming Membership required.


Shoot in different aspect ratios

Capture photos and videos in different aspect ratios depending on your needs. With 21:9 Movie recording, you can record and enjoy in the same cinema ratio used in the movies. While 1:1 image capture is ideal for great Instagram shots.

4K recording
4K recording

See every detail when you record in four times the resolution of Full HD.

SteadyShot™ image stabilization
Smooth and steady recording with image stabilization

Take shake-free videos even while in motion with SteadyShot™ image stabilization.

Get creative with a 12 MP and 8 MP dual camera system

The Xperia® 10 Plus’s 12 MP camera lets you take stunning photos in any situation, including in 21:9 and other aspect ratios. While the 8 MP camera helps you achieve beautiful background blurring, known as ‘Bokeh’, and get close up to your subject with 2x optical zoom.

Get beautiful backgrounds effortlessly

Bokeh is an artistic photography effect that creates a soft out-of-focus background. It used to be that only DSLR cameras could achieve this effect, but the Xperia 10’s dual camera system means you can achieve it with the tap of a button.

Detailed close ups with a 2x optical zoom

Get closer to the action when taking photos with 2x optical zoom. The Xperia® 10 Plus's 8 MP camera gets you close up to your subject so you can catch all the detail.


Designed to fit your hand

The Xperia® 10 Plus is designed to be ergonomic with a seamless form that fits your hand perfectly. The slender 21:9 screen makes it easy to hold and is complemented by a borderless design for a more immersive smartphone experience.

Brilliance of Light

The Xperia® 10 Plus color range is inspired by light reflecting on metal surfaces for a stylish and natural look.

Easy one-hand access with a mini UI

Downsize your display with the simple swipe of your thumb for easy access to all your apps and more. So you can use your phone with one hand when you’re on the go and still enjoy the same great functionality.


21:9 Wide display 6.5" Full HD+ with 21:9 Movie recording with 12 MP + 8 MP dual camera and 2x optical zoom, High-Resolution Audio with DSEE HX™ and LDAC.
  • 21:9 Wide display 6.5" Full HD+

  • 21:9 movie recording

  • Dual camera system (12 MP + 8 MP) and 2x optical zoom

  • High-Resolution Audio with DSEE HX™ and LDAC2

  • High-capacity 3000mAh battery

6.5 x 2.8 x 0.3 in
6.35 oz
Water Resistant
Number of SIM
Single SIM, Dual SIM
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