Full Specifications and Features



Main Unit Size – Body Only (W x H x D) (in)
3.94 x 40.55 x 4.53 in
Main Unit Weight – Body Only
13.45 lb
Subwoofer Size (W x H x D) (in)
13.90 x 9.49 x 16.14 in
Main Unit Size – With Stand (W x H x D) (in)
4.72 x 40.55 x 4.72 in
A / V Sync
Amplifier Channels
S-Force PRO Front Surround
LPCM (2CH / 5.1CH / 7.1CH) thru HDMI
Power Output (Total)
380 W
Subwoofer Type
Wireless Subwoofer
Enclosure Type
Closed Enclosures
Speaker System
Subwoofer Driver
7.09 in cone
Wireless Subwoofer
Input and Output Terminals
Analog Audio In (Inc TV CEC)/Out (excl. tuner)/TV (CEC), HDMI In/Out: 3/1(ARC)), Opt. In/Out/TV (CEC): 2/0
Analog Audio Inputs
HDMI Inputs
Optical Audio Inputs
Dolby® Dual Mono
Dolby TrueHD/Dolby Digital+
LPCM – 2 ch, LPCM – 5.1 ch, LPCM – 7.1 ch
96k/24 bit PCM
DTS, DTS-HD, DTS 96/24
DTS HD Master Audio
Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Digital+, Dolby® Dual Mono, Dolby® TrueHD
Sound Mode
ClearAudio+, Game, Movie, Music, Standard
Sound Effect
1080 / 24p
3D-capable HDMI Pass Thru
YES (3D/4K)
Deep Color
x.v.Color (xvYCC)
  • Easy set-up guide
  • Optical Cable (4.92 ft)
  • Instruction Manual
  • SongPal
  • Remote control


Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Cinematic S-Force PRO Front Surround

Get 360° of virtual surround sound from front-facing speakers. S-Force Pro Front Surround mimics the way the brain correlates sound sources to create proper volume, sound time lag, and sound wave spectrum — using only left and right speaker channels. The speakers naturally—and realistically—emulate three-dimensional surround sound fields to deliver rich, high-fidelity sound across a wider listening area.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

A wireless subwoofer for low-end sound

Add resounding bass to your Home Theater sound with a wireless 7.09 in subwoofer. The wireless design lets you position the subwoofer anywhere, without compromising on surround sound experience.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Boost your bass with dual passive radiators

Hear resounding bass that makes you want to move. Dual passive radiators are speaker drivers that react to the movement of air through the speaker, artificially creating space in the speaker cabinet. This space allows more air to flow through the speakers, thus delivering superior sound, especially for low-end frequencies, from a smaller unit.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

S-Master digital amplifier for refined audio

Hear everything from dialog to music in sharp, rich sound with the S-Master digital amplifier. The S-Master digital processing restores, optimizes, and refines audio signals for clear, pristine audio. The S-Master amp is 100% digital for more power, without distortion and with fewer digital-to-analog conversions, so you’ll hear sound true to the original source.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

ClearAudio+ for clarity and sharpness

Unique to Sony, ClearAudio+ automatically adjusts TV sound settings for an immense, emotionally enriching experience. Hear music, dialog, and surround effects with greater clarity and separation, whatever you’re watching. By bringing together expertise in digital signal processing technologies, ClearAudio+ optimizes audio formats to deliver consistently clear, high-quality sound.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

7.1 channel system for up to 380 W of power

Hear 380 W of powerful sound from a 7.1 ch speaker system. Seven 2.36 in mid-range speakers, plus two 0.79 in tweeters, deliver rich, balanced sound across the frequencies. The added 7.09 in wireless subwoofer gives body to your sound with booming bass lines.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

SongPal app unites all your music

The SongPal app allows you to easily and intuitively manage your listening experience. Simply install it on your cell phone to take control of music playback, device settings, and more—all through one app. Available on iOS and Android.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

One-touch listening with NFC for instant streaming

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology removes the need for wired connections and complex setup sequences. Simply touch your NFC-enabled device to the on-body N-mark for a quick, seamless connection, then start streaming content via Bluetooth®. No NFC? No problem. Connect and stream directly over Bluetooth.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Bluetooth® connectivity for easy music streaming

Based on radio waves, Bluetooth® technology allows you to make a quick, short-range wireless connection that won’t be interrupted by objects in the signal path. Once paired, you’re free to stream all your favorite content – including movies, pictures, and music – from your smartphone or tablet to a compatible device.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Multiple HDMI ports for simple connectivity

With three HDMI ports, you can connect an Internet TV box, Blu-ray Disc™player, games console, and more. You can enjoy all your Home Theater in one place, without the need for a separate receiver. 

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Designed for style and durability

Striking geometric shapes and quality materials embody the “sense of quartz” aesthetic, turning the HT-ST5 Sound Bar into a statement piece. Display with the brushed aluminum finish, or attach the grille frame to protect against dirt and dust.

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Flexible set-up to suit your Home Theater

Choose a Sound Bar set-up to suit your Home Theater. Position it head-on and sound comes straight at you from two front-facing speakers. Or place it on a shelf and enjoy sound transmitted upwards at a 30° angle.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Voice and sound field modes for optimized audio

Simply press the Voice Mode button on the supplied remote control to hear dialog crisp and clear. There are also four sound field modes that automatically optimize audio setting for whatever you’re watching. Whether it’s games, music, or movies, you’ll get the best sound for all your entertainment.

Picture of 7.1 ch Soundbar with Bluetooth

Dolby® TrueHD for cinematic surround sound

Listen to HD movies in clear, high-fidelity surround sound. Dolby TrueHD has been specifically engineered to deliver 100 percent lossless sound across movies and music. By enabling bit-rate efficiencies and reproducing near studio-quality sound, Dolby TrueHD is able to deliver unparalleled audio fidelity for Blu-ray Discs™, DVDs and downloaded content.

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DTS-HD for studio master precision

The HT-ST5 with DTS-HD™ brings movies and music to life with the precision of the original studio master. DTS high definition audio technology enables bit-to-bit representation of the original movie’s studio master soundtrack, supporting variable bit rates of up to 24.5 Mb/s for Blu-ray and up to 18.0 Mb/s for DVD to put you right in the middle of the action.