Article ID : 00019906 / Last Modified : 01/18/2022

Can a date stamp be added to multiple pictures at the same time with the PlayMemories Home software?

    Make sure you have the current version of the PlayMemories Home™ software installed on your computer.

    Use either of the two methods shown below place a date stamp on a photo using the PlayMemories Home software.

    • Inserting date information on photos when printing.

      The date information is not saved on an image data itself . The Windows® version enables you to insert a date stamp on multiple photos at one time when printing from PlayMemories Home.

      PMH print


      • The PlayMemories Home for Mac® version does not support the date stamp function. A third party software is needed to stamp dates on pictures.
      • If you set to print a date on a photo on which the date has already been inserted, note that the date will be doubly stamped.


    • Inserting a date stamp by editing the image data itself.

      The date information is written on a photo as image data. The inserted date stamp is always displayed and cannot be deleted. Date stamps cannot be inserted on multiple photos at one time. Insert a date stamp into each photo and save it one by one. To edit photos to insert date stamps, refer to this article on how to insert the date in a photo using the PlayMemories Home software .


      • If your camera has a Write Date option, you can superimpose the date directly to the still images taken with your camera. See your camera instruction manual to see if it has this feature.
      • Additional information on how to insert a date stamp at the time of shooting using the date writing function of the camera  is available.