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What is a LANC jack?

    LANC stands for Local Application Control Bus System. LANC control jacks are used for controlling the tape transport of video equipment and connected peripherals. This jack has the same function as a jack labeled CONTROL L or REMOTE .

    Through advancement in design and architecture, LANC has been present in Sony® camcorders in theses different interfaces.

    1. image- 2.5mm plug jack generally marked as LANC, REMOTE, or Control-L .
    2. image- Multi- function 10 pin "D" connector labeled as A/V, A/V Remote (A/V R), AVR, or at times A/V OUT.
    3. image- Multi / Micro USB terminal or connector which included control compatibility for 2013 and select 2014 camera models only.


    • 2015 and later models are not compatible with LANC anymore.
    • 2013 and 2014 camcorder models require the use of Sony VMC -AM1 adaptor.