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The control ring does not turn smoothly or does not turn at all when the camera is mounted to a tripod.

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Depending on the size of the mounting shoe (mounting plate) for the tripod, the mounting shoe may interfere with the control ring on the front of the camera. If the mounting shoe is made of soft material such as rubber or cork, tightening the screw too much may make it difficult to turn the control ring.

Try the following to resolve this issue.

  1. Slightly loosen the mounting shoe screw to reduce the force between the shoe and the camera.

    IMPORTANT: Do not loosen the screw too much to prevent from accidentally dropping the camera.

  2. Turn the camera left or right to change the angle it is positioned on the mounting shoe.
  3. Use a jacket case which features a separate distance plate with tripod socket to mount the camera. The following jacket cases are compatible with the camera:
    • LCJ-RXA for DSCRX100
    • LCJ-RXC for DSCRX100 and DSCRX100M2
    • LCJ-RXF for DSCRX100, DSCRX100M2, DSCRX100M3, and DSCRX100M4

      NOTE: Cannot be stored with an Attachment Grip retailed as the accessories.


NOTE: Use of a third-party jacket case is neither recommended nor guaranteed to properly fit the camera.