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The remote control does not operate a TV or VCR.

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Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the satellite receiver remote control.

  1. Reset the remote control .
  2. Locate the code numbers for the product you are trying to control.

    IMPORTANT: Add a 1 to the beginning of the TV remote control codes, and add a 3 to the beginning of the VCR codes. For example, if the television code listed was 23, use code 123. If a VCR code is listed as 23, use code 323.


    • Code numbers are available at Sony® support website
    • Code numbers are also available in the instruction manual.
  3. On the remote control, press the CODE SET button.
  4. Press the FUNCTION button, or move the Device Switch on the remote control that corresponds with the component being set up.
  5. Using the Number Keypad , enter the three digit code from the code list, and then press the ENTER or SELECT button.
  6. Test the remote control by pointing it at the programmed component, and then press the POWER button.


  • When programming a VCR, an IR Blaster/VCR Mouse may interfere with the IR transmission.
  • Some Sony VCR models have a command mode switch located on the unit. Verify that this switch is set to the VTR3 position.
  • If the remote will not work a certain function of an additional component it may not learn that function.
  • To control extra devices with the RMY-802, set the device switch to the appropriate position during programming and operation.
  • The remote controls for the SAT-B series satellite receivers will not control an audio receiver.
  • Satellite receiver remote controls will not control a SAVA speaker system, Sony Dream Systems, or the SLV-D100.