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Compatibility Listing for the MSAC-MCF1N Memory Stick Duo™ Adapter for Compact Flash Slot

    The following compatibility information is provided for the Sony Memory Stick Duo™ Adapter (MSAC-MCF1N). Please review the information below for compatible media and products.

    Compatible Media

    Memory Stick PRO Duo MSX-M256A (256MB), MSX-M512A (512MB), MSX-M256 (256MB), MSX-M512 (512MB)
    Memory Stick Duo(MagicGate/High-Speed data transfer compatible) MSH-M32A (32MB), MSH-M64A (64MB), MSH-M128A (128MB), MSH-M32 (32MB), MSH-M64 (64MB), MSH-M128 (128MB)
    MagicGate Memory Stick Duo MSG-M64A (64MB), MSG-M128A (128MB)
    Memory Stick Duo MSA-M8A (8MB), MSA-M16A (16MB), MSA-M32A (32MB)

    Digital Cameras

    Canon PowerShot A40 PowerShot S30 PowerShot S40 PowerShot G2
    PowerShot S100 DIGITAL ELPH PowerShot S110 DIGITAL ELPH PowerShot S200 DIGITAL ELPH PowerShot S300 DIGITAL ELPH
    PowerShot S330 DIGITAL ELPH  
    Nikon COOLPIX 2100 COOLPIX 2500 COOLPIX 3100 COOLPIX 3500
    COOLPIX 4300 COOLPIX 4500 COOLPIX 5700 D1H set
    D1X set  
    CASIO QV-2300UX QV-2400UX QV-2800UX QV-2900UX
    QV-3000Plus QV-4000  
    Kodak DC3800 Digital Camera DC4800 Zoom Digital Camera DC5000 Zoom Digital Camera EasyShare DX3600 Zoom Digital Camera
    EasyShare DX4900 Zoom Digital Camera  
    MINOLTA Dimage 2300 Diamge 2330 Zoom  
    Ricoh RDC-i700  
    Olympus E-10  
    Hewlett Packard Photosmart 318  
    PENTAX Optio 430  

    Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

    COMPAQ iPAQ Pocket PC H3850
    Hewlett Packard HP Jordana 548 Pocket PC HP Jordana 568 Pocket PC


    • The MSAC-MCF1N is not compatible with "MagicGate" (copyright protection technology).

    • The MSAC-MCF1N is not compatible with high speed technology (write speed greater than 15Mbps).

    • To format a Memory Stick Duo, please use the format function of a Memory Stick compatible product.

    • If there is a LOCK switch on the back of the Memory Stick Duo, please be sure to set it to the unlocked position before attempting to delete or write data to the stick. If the switch is left in the locked position when attempting to delete or write, the data on the memory stick may be damaged.