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Unable to hear voice guidance or sound from the nav-u portable navigation device.

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Check the following if there is no sound from the nav-u™ portable navigation device:

  • Be sure that the volume level is not set to OFF in the settings menu.
  • Reset the unit using a thin object such as a paper clip to press the reset button. After you have done a reset, test to see if sound has been restored.
  • For models equipped with a headphone jack and that have the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) option, the TMC antenna jack is the same size as the headphone jack on the nav-u unit. If the antenna or a pair of headphones is plugged into this jack, sound will not be heard from the built-in speaker. Make sure neither one is plugged into the headphone jack. Some models may have the TMC jack on the cradle, not on the unit itself.
  • The voice files may have been mistakenly deleted or have become corrupted. Follow the procedure below to restore the voice files:
    1. NOTE: This procedure will require the original application CD supplied with your device.

    1. This procedure is based on the latest version of the nav-u tool software. To make sure you have the latest version, download and install the nav-u tool software update available at the Sony® Support Web site.
    2. After downloading and installing the nav-u tool software, connect the nav-u portable navigation device to the computer using the supplied USB cable. Allow it a few moments to be recognized by the computer.
    3. Insert the supplied CD into the CD/DVD drive of you computer.
    4. Start the nav-u tool software.

      NOTE: The nav-u tool software can be accessed from the start menu. If you have not already installed it, install it and then continue with this procedure. The software can be installed from the supplied application CD.

    5. In the nav-u tool window, click Guidance Voice Manager.
    6. In the Voice data can be added / updated / deleted window, click the Browse button.
    7. In the Browse for Folder window, double-click the CD/DVD drive that the disc is in.
    8. Click to select the Voice folder.
    9. Click OK. under Voice Name, click each option to select it.
    10. Click the Imagearrow button.
    11. A dialog box regarding transferring the data will appear. The information in the dialog box may be different depending on the current status of the voice files. Click OK.
    12. In the Voice data transfer is completed box, click OK.
    13. Close the nav-u tool window.