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What is the button with the plus sign in the lower left corner of the Reader library software?

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The plus sign button is also known as the Create Collection button. This button allows you to create your own collection of eBooks that you have stored in your library.

When you click on the button, a new folder appears in your Library. You can rename it right away or select it later and double-click to change the name. Now you can go to your library and select eBooks you want to add to the collection. Just drag them into your newly created folder. A collection is actually just a list of shortcuts to different books. The actual book data is not copied to the collection. Therefore, you can include the same book in different collections.


  • Collections can be made only in the eBook Library or Reader®, and cannot be made on the computer or the memory card inserted in Reader.
  • Collections can be transferred only between the eBook Library and the Reader, and cannot be transferred to a memory card inserted in the computer or Reader.
  • Only books can be grouped as a collection. Audio files or pictures cannot be included in a collection.