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The tablet is not recognizing an SD card.

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The tablet can recognize SD and SDHC memory cards (Class 4 or higher) up to 32GB in size, formatted in the FAT32 file system. The tablet may not recognize SD or SDHC memory cards if they are larger than 32GB, if they are not formatted at all, are formatted in the NTFS file system, or damaged.

If an SD Card is not being recognized, look for a USB symbol with a triangle and the letter i displayed on the bottom right hand corner of the task tray. Tapping that icon will open a notification box and display one of the following messages, further explaining why the SD Card was not recognized:

  • Damaged USB storage USB storage damaged. Try reformatting. - This will occur if the SD Card has not been formatted.
  • Blank USB storage or unsupported file system. - This will occur if the SD Card has been formatted in the NTFS file system.

Try using a different SD card. If a different SD card can be recognized by the tablet, then the issue is with the original SD card. Use a computer or other device with formatting capabilities to confirm that the original SD card can be read, and that it is properly formatted in the FAT32 file system.

NOTE: If you have tried different SD cards of 32GB size or smaller, confirmed that they are all properly formatted in the FAT32 file system, and none are being recognizing by the tablet, service may be required.

For all Sony products (EXCEPT VAIO computers): To send your product to a Sony facility to be repaired or to check the status of the a repair, visit our eService web site.


For VAIO Computer products: Please call 1-888-4SONYPC (476-6972) for service information for your product. To check the status of your VAIO product repair, have your phone number or Best Buy service number available and call 1-800-433-5778.