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How to view the manual.

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The manual for your portable player is located on the built-in flash memory of the player. Follow this procedure to view the manual:

NOTE: If you format the built-in flash memory of the player, the manual will be deleted. Before formatting, save the manual to the hard drive of your computer or other location. If you formatted the drive, you can download the manual from the Sony Support Web Site at

  1. Connect the portable player to the computer.
  2. On the computer, click Start and then click My computer.
  3. In the My Computer window, under Portable devices double-click WALKMAN.

    NOTE: It may also appear under Other.

  4. In the WALKMAN window, double-click Storage Media. In the Storage Media window, double click Operation Guide.
  5. Double-click the appropriate manual for your language.

    NOTE: NWZB130 represents the B130 series (NWZ B133 B133F B135 B135F)