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Is it possible to transfer a digital copy of a movie for playback on the Walkman® Video player?

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Digital copies of movies included with some Blu-ray Disc® (BD) and DVD titles that are intended for portable devices contain Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy protection. This model of Walkman Video player supports the playback of WMV files with DRM when transferred to the portable player using a Certified for Windows Vista® (playsforsure) compliant software such as the Windows Media® Player software.

Not all movie studios offer the ability to transfer the digital copy to all devices. Depending on the options offered, you may or may not be able to transfer the digital copy to your player. To transfer the digital copy of the movie to your player, follow the instructions (if available) for the Windows Media Player (WMV) option. In some cases, the digital copy may be intended for playback on your PC only.

NOTE: For further information regarding compatibility, refer to the digital copy information included with the Movie. Below are some links to some of these studios:



Universal Studios:

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