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Available parts for the TDM-IP50 Digital Media Port adapter.

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Part descriptionPart number
Composite video cable1-833-993-21
Overall Assembly
(which includes the Digital Media Port cable)
Instruction Manual
(United States/Canada)
Apple® iPod® Dock Adapter* (1 set)A-1547-694-A

*The following are the dock adapters included in the iPod Dock Adapter set:

  • (14) for iPod touch player(8 GB/16 GB/32 GB)
  • (13) for iPod nano player: 3d generation (video) (4 GB/8 GB)
  • (12) for iPhone™ mobile digital device (4 GB/8 GB/16GB)
  • (10) for iPod classic player(160 GB)
    (10) for iPod player: 5th generation (video) (60 GB/80GB)
  • (09) for iPod classic player (80 GB)
    (09) for iPod player: 5th generation (video) (30 GB)

NOTE: The adapter numbers (14), (13), (12), (10) and (9) are found on the bottom-rear of each dock adapter. When you use other iPod player models, a compatible Dock Adapter will need to be purchased separately. We would recommend that you contact Apple Inc. for further assistance.