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The picture quality looks grainy when printed or viewed on a computer monitor.

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Picture quality can appear grainy for the following reasons:

  • Pictures were taken with a high ISO setting
  • Printing pictures on a printer that is set to a low Dots Per Inch (DPI) setting
  • Viewing pictures on a computer monitor with low color depth

High ISO: A high ISO is normally used when shooting in a low-light environment and you do not want to use a slow shutter speed for a long exposure. However, it can introduce noise into pictures by producing a grainy appearance; this is normal and is common among both film cameras and digital cameras. Depending on your shooting situation, try selecting a lower ISO setting and use a flash (if possible) for improved picture quality.

Printing: If your printer is set to a low DPI setting, the printed pictures can appear grainy due to the low printing resolution of the printer. Increase the DPI setting of the printer to improve the printed picture quality.

Computer Monitor: The pictures can appear grainy with pixelization if the color depth of the computer monitor is not set to the appropriate level. To resolve this issue, set the color depth of the computer monitor to at least High Color (16 bit). For best quality set it to True Color (32 Bit) if available.

NOTE: This solution addresses pictures that appear grainy. For troubleshooting pictures that appear blurry or out of focus , another Knowledge Base Article is available.