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The camera does not recognize when an external flash is connected to the accessory shoe.

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If the flash icon does not appear in the LCD display when an external flash is connected to the accessory shoe of the camera, then the camera is not recognizing the connection.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Remove the external flash from the accessory shoe of the camera.
  2. Examine the bottom of the flash to make sure the pins are not bent and that there are no obstructions.
  3. Examine the accessory shoe on the camera to make sure nothing is covering the metal contacts.
  4. Make sure the external flash is using fresh or fully-charged batteries.
  5. Make sure the batteries in the external flash are installed correctly.
  6. Slide the external flash into the accessory shoe until it clicks.
  7. Press the ON/OFF button on the flash to turn it on.

The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. If you have completed all of the steps and the issue is not resolved, service may be required. Go to Product Repair.