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Music files transferred from the Apple iTunes software do not play back on the portable player and the elapsed time is 00:00.

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This issue can occur if the tracks you transferred to your portable player have Digital Rights Management (DRM) copyright protection. Your portable player can play back non-secure AAC files (files without DRM) only. DRM-free iTunes Plus songs purchased from the Apple® iTunes Music Store® online music store can be transferred and played back on your portable player. Songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store online music store that contain DRM copy protection will not play back. These tracks, however, for a fee may be able to be upgraded to iTunes Plus tracks and can then be played back on your portable player. Refer to the iTunes website for more information.

Follow this procedure to determine your options:

  1. Confirm that the file you are trying to transfer is DRM-free . If the file you are transferring is not DRM-free, you will need to purchase a DRM-free version of it to play it on your portable player.
  2. If the file you are trying to transfer is DRM-free, you may need to retransfer the track to the portable player. We recommend transferring the files from the iTunes software to the portable player through the Content Transfer application .