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How do I transfer a Podcast from the Apple® iTunes® application to the Walkman® player?

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NOTE: This solution requires that the Apple iTunes and the Content Transfer applications be installed on your computer. If you do not have both of these applications installed, you can download and then install either one by following the links provided at the bottom of this solution.

  1. Connect the portable player to your computer.
  2. Start the Apple® iTunes® and Content Transfer applications.
  3. In the iTunes window, under LIBRARY, click Podcasts.
  4. Drag and then drop the podcasts to the Content Transfer application.
  5. The podcasts should now be available in the Music Library section on your portable player.


  • It may take a few moments for the podcast to transfer depending upon the size and amount of content. Do not remove the USB cable until the Content Transfer application displays Done.
  • The iTunes application can be downloaded from
  • The Content Transfer can be downloaded from the Sony Support Web Site at