Article ID : 00010102 / Last Modified : 08/16/2015

How to run the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics after booting the computer with the F10 key or Recovery Discs.

    The VAIO Hardware Diagnostics utility can be used to perform tests on the processor (CPU) and hard disk drive (HDD) to ensure the computer is working properly and diagnose hardware issues when they occur. Follow this procedure to perform a Quick Test or Individual tests using this utility when the operating system will not start.

    NOTE: The VAIO Hardware diagnostics also can be accessed from within the operating system using the VAIO Care™ software . When the diagnostics are run using the VAIO Care software, additional diagnostic tests are available, such as memory (RAM), video adapter, optical drive (CD/DVD), network adapter (LAN), USB, and Sony Memory Stick® controller

    1. In the VAIO Hardware Diagnostics window, click the Start button.
    2. On the Quick Test tab, click the Run Test button.


      • The Quick Test option will test the CPU and HDD.
      • To perform only a test on the HDD, click the Individual Test tab and then click the Run Test button.
      • To verify and repair the HDD, click the Tools tab and then click the Open button.
    3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the test.
    4. Click the Quit button.