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Which Sony® Walkman® players are compatible with the Dock Clock Radio?

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IMPORTANT: The NWZ-E340 series: NWZ-E344, NWZE345 is not compatible with the Dock Clock Radio because it does not have the required WM-PORT jack.

  • Models using the Oval attachment:
    NWZ-S540 series:NWZS544, NWZS545
    NWZ-E440 series:NWZE443, NWZE444, NWZE445, NWZE443K, NWZE444K

  • Models using the Type A attachment:
    NWZ-E430 seriesNWZE435F, NWZE436F, NWZE438F
    NWZ-S630 seriesNWZS636F, NWZS638F, NWZS639F, NWZS636FK
    NWZ-S730 seriesNWZS736F, NWZS738F, NWZS739F
    NWZ-A720 seriesNWZA726, NWZA726B, NWZA728, NWZA728B, NWZA729
    NW-A800 seriesNWA808, NWZA806, NWZA805
    NWZ-A810 seriesNWZA815, NWZA816, NWZA818
    NWZ-A820 seriesNWZA826, NWZA828, NWZA829, NWZA826K, NWZA828K, NWZA829K

  • Models using the Type B attachment:
    NWZ-S510 seriesNWZS515, NWZS516
    NWZ-S610 seriesNWZS615F, NWZS616F, NWZS618F
    NWZ-S710 seriresNWZS715F, NWZS716F, NWZS718F
    NWZ-X100 seriesNWZX1050, NWZX1060

NOTE: The type of attachment can be found on the bottom of each attachment.