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Can the Walkman player be used with an Apple Macintosh computer?

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The Walkman® player and the included software are designed and sold to be used with a computer that can run the Windows® operating system only. Sony does not support the use of the Walkman player with an Apple® Macintosh® computer. However, if your Apple Macintosh computer can run the Windows operating system, you should be able to use the portable player and the included software on that computer in the Windows environment.

Also, when connected to an Apple Macintosh computer running the Apple Mac OS® X operating system, the Walkman player will be recognized as a removable drive. When it is available as a removable drive, you can drag and drop files without copyright protection to the Music folder of the Walkman player. You will not be able to synch the player with the Apple iTunes® application, but you may be able to drag the songs from this software to the Music folder of the Walkman player. This may work for you, but we do not provide any further support for this.

NOTE: Files with Digital Rights Management (DRM) copyright protection will not play back on the portable player when transferred directly to the player. For models that support files with DRM, you must use the Windows Media® Player software in the Windows environment to transfer them. Refer to the operating instructions that came with your player for compatibility. Manuals are posted on your model support page.

WARNING: There is a risk of data loss. When the Walkman player is available as a removable drive, you must unmount the drive before disconnecting it from your Mac. To properly unmount a removable drive, click the Walkman icon on the desktop and drag it into the Trash. You can now disconnect the Walkman player.