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How to use the dictionary feature.

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The dictionary feature allows you to look up words using the English dictionaries incorporated in the Reader.


  • Only the New Oxford American Dictionary and Oxford Dictionary of English dictionaries are available.
  • If you choose English as the menu language at the initial setting and selected United States as the keyboard, the New Oxford American Dictionary is automatically set as the default dictionary, while selecting United Kingdom as the keyboard the sets the Oxford Dictionary of English as the default dictionary.
  • If you selected a language other than English as the initial menu language setting, the dictionary function becomes disabled.
  • The dictionary function can be enabled, and the dictionary being used can be selected or changed at any time using the Advanced Settings < Dictionary menu.
  1. On any desired book page, double-tap a word you would like defined.
  2. The Dictionary pop-up menu will appear and the word definition will be displayed. Image
  3. To see the full definition in the Dictionary Viewer, on the Dictionary pop-up menu, tap the Dictionary icon.


    • The dictionary pages can be turned by dragging the definition area or by pressing the Page Turn buttons (< or <).
    • Pressing and holding a Page Turn button (< or <) while the dictionary viewer is displayed will accelerate turning the pages.
  4. To close the Dictionary Viewer, tap the Close icon. Image
  5. To close the Dictionary pop-up menu, tap the Close icon.
  6. To look up a specific word other than the one selected on the page, tap on the keyboard icon and type the word you want to define. The word and its definition will appear in the definition area.