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What is the Intel Wireless Display technology?

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The Intel® Wireless Display technology, also called WiDi, allows you to wirelessly transfer video and audio from your computer to your TV or monitor. To use this feature the computer must support the Intel Wireless Display hardware and software. Also, you must have a Wireless Display receiver device, such as the Netgear® Push 2 TV Adapter .


  • Not all computers have the Intel Wireless Display technology. To see if your computer has it, check the specifications. Manuals are posted on your model support page.
  • A procedure is available  to guide you through setting up the Intel Wireless Display feature.
  • An Intel Wireless Display manual is available that includes troubleshooting steps and FAQs.
  • The performance of this technology does not depend on the TV itself, the hardware and software installed in the computer will send the information to the wireless display receiver which is connected to the TV, therefore it works just as a display showing the signal being received.

Specifications for the Intel Wireless Display technology:

  • Supported video resolutions:
    • 1280x720 (32 bit color)
    • 1280x768 (32 bit color)
    • 1280x800 (32 bit color)
  • Supported audio:
    • 16 bit 44100 Hz CD Quality
    • 16 bit 48000 Hz DVD Quality
  • Uses the 2.4 GHz wireless frequency.
  • Extending the desktop display is not supported.

Maximum resolution capabilities utilizing the various cables:

  • 720 X 480 for Composite cables
  • 1920 X 1080 for Component cables
  • 2048 X 1536 for VGA cable
  • 4096 X 2160 for HDMI® cable