Article ID : 00011090 / Last Modified : 03/01/2011

The WEB button is not working to start the Quick Web Access.

    With the notebook turned off, pressing the WEB button should start the Splashtop® Browser.

    If the WEB button is not working, try resetting the BIOS to the default values by following this procedure:

    1. Turn on the notebook
    2. When the VAIO logo appears, press the F2 key.
    3. In the BIOS Setup window, press the right arrow key to select the Exit menu.
    4. Press the down arrow key to select Get Default Values.
    5. In the Setup Confirmation window, Load default configuration now?, press the Enter key.
    6. Use the arrow keys to select Exit Setup, and press the Enter key.
    7. In the Setup Confirmation window, use the arrow keys to select Yes , and press Enter. The computer will restart.
    8. After the computer is finished restarting, click the Start button and then click Shutdown.
    9. After the notebook is turned off, press the WEB button. The Quick Web Access function should now be working and the Splashtop Browser will launch.