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Can the GPS data recorded with the still pictures be viewed on an Apple Macintosh computer?

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As long as the still pictures with the recorded latitude and longitude information are imported to the Apple® Macintosh® computer, the GPS data can be viewed along with the other photo data using the Apple iPhoto® software. You can import the pictures using either the PlayMemories Home™ software or the Apple iPhoto software itself.

NOTE: The GPS latitude and longitude is stored in the Exif file  of the recorded still picture.

Do the following to view the GPS and other photo information using the Apple iPhoto software:

  1. Start the iPhoto software.
  2. Browse to the folder than contains the imported pictures with the GPS information.
  3. Click to select one of the pictures.
  4. At the top of the iPhoto window, click Photos.
  5. In the Photos drop-down menu, click Show Photo Info.
  6. In the Photo Info display, look under the Exposure section to view the GPS Latitude and GPS Longitude information.