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How to set up the Wireless Network Audio System on a computer using a wired connection.

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  1. Install the M-Crew Server® on your computer.
  2. Open ICF SETTINGS and make sure all the ports are open.
  3. Connect the Wireless Network Audio System to the network using the wired connection.

    NOTE: You can connect the unit to the router, hub or LAN port of the computer.

  4. Make sure that the WIRELESS/WIRED selector on the Wireless Network Audio System is set to WIRED.
  5. Turn on the system.

    NOTE: The power switch is located on the subwoofer.

  6. Press the FUNCTION button until the LINE indicator on the main unit turns off.
  7. Press the SUSPEND button to start up the network unit. Wait until the configuration process is finished.
  8. If the unit displays the message SAMPLE, the computer has recognized the unit and it is communicating with the M-Crew Server software.

    NOTE: If NO SERVER appears, do the following:

    1. Press the MENU button and look for the SERVER? option.
    2. Once you find the SERVER? option, press ENTER. It will show M-CREW SERVER V2 ON XXXX, select it and then press ENTER.
    3. If the unit cannot find the server, follow the procedure for unable to connect or NO SERVER appears flashing on the display of the Wireless Network Audio System .