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Can I program the supplied remote control to operate other devices?

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The television model that you referenced does not come supplied with a programmable remote control. However, Sony does manufacture programmable remote controls that can be purchased as an optional accessory. Information regarding the purchase of parts or accessories for Sony® products is available online. Go to Parts and Accessories.  

If you already purchased a Sony programmable remote control separately, please refer to the operating instructions that came supplied with that remote control, or visit the Universal Remote page to get the codes and programming steps.

NOTE: If you have a universal or set-top box remote control from another manufacturer and you would like the code number for that remote control in order to operate your Sony TV, you can only get the code number from that manufacturer. For cable boxes, you can usually also get the code from your cable service provider. Different manufacturers use different codes. Sony cannot provide the codes for other manufacturer's set-top boxes or universal remotes.