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The pictures taken with Sweep Panorama are not recorded smoothly.

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Since several images are stitched together to complete the panoramic picture, the stitched parts where the images combine may not look smooth. To allow the panoramic picture to record more smoothly, try to pan the camera at a constant speed (without slowing down or speeding up). The following are examples of what can affect the smoothness of the Sweep Panorama images:

  • When shooting featureless subjects such as the sky with a lens without the anti-blur function, which is not equipped with a gyroscope to detect camera shake, the images may not be stitched properly and the Sweep Panorama shooting may fail.
  • When shooting night scenes, the shutter speed will become faster to prevent camera shake. Therefore, images tend to be darker than with proper exposure, which makes it difficult to capture their features and may result in a shooting failure.
  • When using a super-wide-angle lens, such as a fish-eye lens, the aberration is large as the angle of view is wide. Therefore, the stitched part of the image may not be recorded smoothly.
  • As the focal length becomes longer, the shooting range becomes narrower, and you need to pan the camera more slowly. In such cases, even a slight shake may cause a shooting failure. Therefore, when using a zoom lens, shooting at the W side is recommended.