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Is a Noise Reduction function available?

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The camera has both Long Exposure noise reduction and High ISO noise reduction.

Long Exposure noise reduction

Long Exposure noise reduction is activated when the shutter speed is one second or slower. Noise reduction processing is performed for the duration of the time that the shutter is open. While the noise reduction is being performed, Processing appears on the LCD monitor. You cannot take the next picture until processing is complete.

Long Exposure noise reduction is not performed with the following functions.

  • Continuous Adv.
  • Speed Priority Cont.
  • Bracket: Cont.
  • Intelligent Auto
  • Hand-held Night Shot in Scene Selection
  • Anti Motion Blur
  • Sweep Panorama

High ISO noise reduction

When shooting with the high sensitivity, the camera reduces the noise. You can set High ISO NR to Auto or Weak. When set to Auto, the noise reduction effect will be equivalent to the setting of Weak automatically to prevent reducing the speed of the continuous shooting in the Continuous Adv. or Bracket: Cont. mode.

High ISO noise reduction is not performed with the following functions.

  • Sweep Panorama
  • When shooting RAW images