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When Auto Chapter feature is set on the DVDirect recorder, the thumbnails for the chapters do not appear when the disc is played back.

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IMPORTANT: The Auto Chapter setting is available when you use the DV IN or VIDEO IN connector to connect your video device.

The DVDirect recorder creates a DVD menu on an SD (Standard Definition) disc. This DVD menu is displayed each time a disc is inserted into a player and can be used to select videos from thumbnails. If Auto Chapter is enabled, it specifies the time interval at which chapters are created automatically on an SD disc. However, the DVD Menu does not display thumbnails of the created chapters. What are displayed are thumbnails of the titles created between the points where you start and stop recording on the DVDirect. For each title made, chapters or smaller sub-sections are automatically created according to the AUTO Chapter time interval setting configured in the the Setup Menu. To skip or enable chapters, press the PREV button or the NEXT / SKIP button on the DVD playback device or remote during video playback.